I Created My Book’s Characters in Sims 4!

Yes, I know, I’m a complete geek.

I had some unexpected free time over the Easter weekend and, instead of using it productively to write my book or something else meaningful, I spent an hour or so quickly creating mock-ups of the characters from Myth Hunter, my upcoming novel, in the Sims 4.

Ambrose and the gang!

How cute is this? If you’ve read Beginner’s Luck already, can you tell who any of these are?

Looking back on this image a few days later, I’m struck by the following thoughts:

  • For a novel with a male protagonist, I really have a lot of supporting female characters. That’s always been my plan, but I didn’t quite realise how outnumbered the boys are. This is something I might have to look into for the next series.
  • Although the majority of my characters are Caucasian, I’ve tried to be a little more diverse in my cast. I also have LGBTQ+ characters. Issues of race and gender are not a focus in my stories, and I find it difficult to write outside my own lived experience, but I do try to be inclusive. Hopefully readers will not be too offended or disappointed by my depiction of someone they may associate with.
  • There are quite a few important characters that I haven’t added to this picture, and one that isn’t important yet but will be in the second series.

I had a lot of fun creating these characters. I even picked out their traits and lifetime wishes! All I want to do now is go and play with them to see how they react to each other in-game! (Fortunately for my own productivity, I don’t particularly enjoy playing Sims 4. Sims 3 on the other hand…)

They say you have to write the book that you want to read. This series was definitely written for me. I think it’s such a fun story, and it includes a romp through Europe and an even greater cast of mythical creatures, adapted to fit my own universe. It appeals to both the traveller and the dreamer sides of my personality.

I hope readers will enjoy it too.

Either way, I can’t wait to start writing the next series! I have BIG plans for Ambrose and the gang.

Would you like to see more character images like this or do you prefer not to taint your own imagination? Interested in a little more in-depth character bio’s?

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