Cover Reveal: Myth Hunter

The wait is finally over…

After almost three years, I’m just about ready to publish my first full-length novel! Long-time readers will know that when I started writing the Mythical Menagerie series, I envisioned them as serialised installments, each a short story of their own, that would eventually encompass one large story arc.

Initially I released these individual installments on their own, but since serialisation works best when there’s a new release every week or so and I write glacially slow, that plan never really worked. By the time Part 3 came out, people couldn’t remember what had happened in Part 1 anymore.

So I had to change my plans and I decided to bunch a group of stories together into a Series 1 collection that would be the length of a complete novel. All the stories in Series 1 are complete on their own, but together they form a larger story that can stand on its own, but will eventually just be the start of all the adventures I have in mind for Ambrose Davids, Freelance Procurement Specialist. I hope this will be a better format for my readers and I really hope they’ll hold out until the whole story line is complete!

When I published the first three installments, I had to have covers designed for each of them. Although I really liked these covers (especially the one for Beginner’s Luck), people in the know told me that they didn’t exactly conform to genre expectations. What do you think?

Now that I’m releasing a complete novel, I had the chance to take all of the genre expectations in mind and come up with something much more suitable. And I absolutely love it!

So without further ado… Ta-daaaa!

This cover was designed by the incredibly talented Covers by Tallulah and I think it conveys the spirit of the story I’ve written while looking like it’s urban fantasy, albeit something different from the usual fare.

What do you think?

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