Myth Hunter (Mythical Menagerie Series 1)

My father taught me that myths were real, but it wasn’t until they tried to kill me that I believed him.

Ambrose Davids – young, ambitious, disgraced – wants nothing more than to get his life back in order.

When a mysterious woman from an unnamed Council offers him a silver whistle and an impossible mission, he’s desperate enough to take the job.

With his landlord breathing down his neck and a police detective suspecting him of murder, Ambrose falls headfirst into a world he had never believed possible, a world in which mythical creatures are real – and not quite as friendly as his father’s bedtime stories had led him to believe.

Dodging bloodthirsty nymphs in London, dancing with death in Paris, and daring it all in Rome, Ambrose soon learns that nothing is what it seems and that not everyone can be trusted… Least of all himself.

Can he survive long enough to become the hunter instead of the hunted?

Myth Hunter, the complete first series of the Mythical Menagerie urban fantasy short story serial, is a quirky rollercoaster ride that will appeal to cryptozoologists who love to travel.

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Short Stories & Novelettes

Beginner’s Luck (Mythical Menagerie #1.1)

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Ambrose Davids has had the worst luck lately.

A mistake at work cost him his career and his girlfriend. Then his favourite pair of shoes got ruined, and now there’s a dead girl floating in the lake. It had just been one of those weeks.

With his landlord breathing down his neck and his debts piling up, is it any wonder he’s desperate enough to consider taking on an impossible job, even if it turns out to be a scam?

But who is this mysterious Council? And do they seriously expect him to find and capture creatures from myth?

Ambrose’s luck is about to change, but will it be for better or for worse?

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Keeper of Exotic Animals (Mythical Menagerie Prequel)

What do you do when the last unicorn in the world has gone missing?

Diana, the Keeper of Exotic Animals, hasn’t set foot outside of the Repository, the hidden mountain fortress where the last remnants of the world’s mythical creatures are housed for safekeeping, in almost a decade. But when Una, the world’s sole surviving unicorn, escapes from her enclosure, leaving tracks behind that lead Outside, Diana has no choice but to go in search of her.

And to make matters worse, the Elder Council has sent her biggest rival to look after her creatures while she’ll be gone. Diana knows that the insufferable woman will make the most of this opportunity to grab the mantle of Keeper for herself. And what would become of Diana’s animals then?

With the careless slip of a cage’s lock, Diana’s worst nightmares are about to come true as she stands the chance of not only losing the last unicorn, but also her home and her life’s calling, all in one fell swoop.

Accompanied by the shrewd shape-shifter, Reese, Diana goes on a quest to find Una and to redeem herself with the Elder Council, before it’s too late and everything she holds dear is lost.

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Spirit Caller

Teva knows something is wrong in her village. The cold winter months approach and yet no crops have sprouted, nor have the great elk returned to roam the plains. Nothing but dust flows between the banks of the once mighty river Einuhuatl, and all the animals guarding her village have fled. Have the spirits of the earth abandoned them?

Only the Spirit Caller will know.

To save her village, Teva journeys to the forest in search of the woman who can speak to the spirits. Together, they must confront the Eater of Souls, or face the death of everything Teva holds dear…

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A Spark of Reverie: A Fantasy Flash Fiction Collection

Perfectly bite-sized for when time is short, but you want something fun to read.

This collection contains twenty-five micro stories sparked by a love of fantasy, both the sword and sorcery kind and the small acts of magic that can turn a mundane situation into something a little more unusual. Ranging from around 500 to 1000 words each, these very short stories will briefly transport the reader into realms of the imagination in the time it takes to finish a cup of tea or reach the front of the queue at the grocery store. Short, but satisfying, let these tales of wonder sweep you away for just a moment at a time.

  • In Penthesilea’s Demise, follow in the footsteps of a warrior in the front lines of the Trojan war.
  • See what happens when a young hotheaded prince is pushed too far in Asterion’s Anger.
  • Ever been stuck working late on a problematic piece of code? In Line 156 a programmer learns when it’s time to take a holiday.
  • Quirky habits can sometimes lead to surprising options, as a beleaguered mother discovers in Lisa’s Choice.
  • In a world where water has become the most important commodity, Keisha shows what she’s willing to do to protect something that is Precious.
  • In The Lost City, a reclusive goddess has to face the facts and make a bold decision.

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