What I’m Currently Working On: Yep, You Guessed It

Hi! My name’s Suneé and I’m a slow writer.

And when I say slow, apparently I mean glacially. Dinosaurs have lived and gone extinct in the time it takes me to write the first draft of a novelette.

Dinosaurs watching a meteorite passing by | The Good Dinosaur | Disney Pixar

So yeah, I am (still) busy writing Part 4 of my Mythical Menagerie series. All sorts of things have conspired towards making my attempts to catch up on my self-imposed deadline almost impossible. I’m not making excuses – I know I should get my lazy ass up out of bed at 4 AM in the mornings because writing should be that important to me, and yet I don’t – I’m just stating the facts. I’m behind my schedule. I’m trying to catch up. But if I miss that deadline – oh well. I’d rather have a quality product than a rushed one. I want to be proud of my work, and if it takes a little longer than expected, I’m sorry, but there it is. Maybe it would go quicker if I were still writing full-time, but unfortunately you need to be a prolific writer with a big backlist to make a living from writing and I am neither of those things. Yet.

Also, ALSO, I’ve received the e-book cover for the complete novel from my incredibly talented cover designer, Tallulah, and IT IS AMAZING! I just want to show the world! But I’ll keep my enthusiasm contained for a proper cover reveal when the time is ready. For anyone who’s forgotten – I am no longer releasing individual installments of the novelette series (for reasons), but am holding it all back until the entire series is complete, after which it will be published as a full novel. Only 1.5 installments to go.

Plus, my friend Schalk, who is the most amazing composer you’ll meet this century, sent me the final version of the music he composed for my book trailer! It makes me squeal like a toddler finding a hidden Easter egg whenever I listen to it. You guys, I don’t know how he managed it, but this music is perfect for the tone of the book! So… I am about to start the process of creating a book trailer. Yay! (Listen to the music he made for me for the book trailer for my short story, Spirit Caller.)

On a more personal side, my birthday is looming and we are now counting the days until we jump on a plane and head for the Balkans for a three-week jaunt in a campervan. I’ve been in a spin trying to sort all the visas and things out (the joy of travelling on a South African passport), but most of the admin is now done and we basically just have to pack our bags and set off. I lie awake at nights thinking about this holiday – it’s been way too long since we’ve gone anywhere remotely interesting. If you’re into travel, follow me on Instagram where I’ll be sharing the pictures of our trip from mid-June to early July, and you can check out my (somewhat neglected) travel blog if you like to live vicariously through others. If you’ve read Beginner’s Luck (and the other two installments while they were still available), then you’ll know I’m inspired by travel. Who knows what will come from this trip?

Otherwise, I’ve been reading good books (I seriously recommend Laini Taylor’s Strange the Dreamer, go check it out), watched the end of a Marvel era unfold and tried my hand at mosaic art.

Enough about me! What have you been up to lately? Did you watch Avengers: Endgame? Are you as traumatised as I am? Are you a travel junkie? Where are you heading to next? What good books have you read recently and want to recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

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