Release Day: Myth Keeper (Mythical Menagerie Book 2)

Today is a book birthday – hooray!

Myth Keeper, the much-anticipated sequel to Myth Hunter (Mythical Menagerie Book 1), is finally available for purchase!

If you’ve been wondering what happened to Ambrose, or the creatures he and Amari acquired during the events of the blood moon market in Rome, then the wait is finally over.

I thought I could leave the mythical world behind, but now it’s hunting me instead…

Following the events of the blood moon market in Rome, Ambrose Davids is ready to put the mythical world behind him and return to a normal life. Until a creature who had escaped from the Colosseum comes after him, leaving a trail of bodies in its wake.

Does Ambrose have what it takes to save himself, and those he cares for?

Meanwhile, the Keeper of Exotic Animals has her own battles to fight. Amid the greatest influx of new residents the Repository has seen in decades, Amari also has to contend with an obnoxious rival intent on thwarting her every move and a new apprentice with very different ideas on how to care for the creatures in their custody.

Amari will do whatever it takes to keep her charges safe from the outside world, but can she protect them from machinations inside the Repository itself?

Wow – I am totally bowled over by this latest book in the Mythical Menagerie series. It’s AMAAAAZING!

Goodreads reviewer

This is soooo my perfect read… Unmissable.

Goodreads reviewer

Grab your copy from your favourite e-book retailer today!

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