Release Day: A Spark of Reverie

I’ve been writing a monthly flash fiction piece, first for this website and then later exclusively for my newsletter subscribers, since December 2017. Writing these really short short stories have been incredibly fulfilling, since they give me a format in which to practice writing scenes and characters that don’t fit into my current WIP, but they also spark ideas for longer stories to come. It’s a way for me to entertain my readers on a regular basis between novels, and also a good way to see what kind of stories people enjoy. I always thought it would be nice if more people could read them.

And now they can!

A Spark of Reverie is a collection containing twenty-five micro stories sparked by a love of fantasy, both the sword and sorcery kind and the small acts of magic that can turn a mundane situation into something a little more unusual. Ranging from around 500 to 1000 words each, these very short stories briefly transport you into realms of the imagination in the time it takes to finish a cup of tea or reach the front of the queue at the grocery store. They’re short, but satisfying, and will sweep you away for just a moment at a time.

  • In Penthesilea’s Demise, follow in the footsteps of a warrior in the front lines of the Trojan war.
  • See what happens when a young hotheaded prince is pushed too far in Asterion’s Anger.
  • Ever been stuck working late on a problematic piece of code? In Line 156 a programmer learns when it’s time to take a holiday.
  • Quirky habits can sometimes lead to surprising options, as a beleaguered mother discovers in Lisa’s Choice.
  • In a world where water has become the most important commodity, Keisha shows what she’s willing to do to protect something that is Precious.
  • In The Lost City, a reclusive goddess has to face the facts and make a bold decision.

Set a spark to your daydreams and buy this fantasy flash fiction collection NOW! Available from all your favourite e-book retailers.

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