January 2019 Instagram Challenge

My writing group is hosting an Instagram challenge in January 2019. If you’ve read my post about this year’s goals, you’ll see that I want to get more involved with Instagram’s book reading community, so I’m jumping at this opportunity.

Obviously, most of it is geared towards writing and your current work-in-progress, so although I mainly use Instagram to document bits of my life, January’s posts will be centered around Part 3.5 of my Mythical Menagerie series.

I’ve already started capturing images for this challenge, and it is so much fun! Some of them I’m finding quite … challenging 🙂 At this point in time, I have no idea what I’m going to do for a song lyric or a writing playlist, since I tend to write best in either complete silence or the white noise of a coffee shop, and my writing is hardly ever inspired by music; I’m more visually inclined. But… I guess this is what it’s about – getting creative!

The challenge is open to anyone with a public Instagram account, so feel free to join in. You can follow me here on Instagram, or use the #dragonwritersjan hashtag to see what others are posting.

Are you on Instagram? Are you taking part in the challenge? If so, leave your details in the comments below so we can all check out your writerly images.

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