Myth Keeper

The mythical world Ambrose Davids thought he could escape is back with a vengeance, and this time, it’s personal.

Haunted by the horrors of the blood moon market in Rome, Ambrose yearns for a return to normalcy. But when a bloodthirsty werewolf, a relic of that fateful night, embarks on a murderous rampage, Ambrose is thrust back into the perilous realm of myth.

Determined to protect his family and redeem his past mistakes, Ambrose faces a relentless enemy who seeks not just his life, but also the lives of those he holds dear. With danger closing in, Ambrose must summon all his courage and cunning to capture the vicious beast before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, inside the secretive Repository, Amari, the Keeper of Exotic Animals, is entrusted with the wellbeing of mythical creatures from across Europe. As the Repository welcomes an unprecedented influx of new residents, Amari faces challenges from every direction. An insufferable rival threatens to undermine her every move, and an enthusiastic new apprentice arrives with a radical approach to creature care.

While the representative from Green Grove demands the release of all creatures into the wild, Amari, driven by her unshakable belief in the safety of the Repository, stands her ground. Yet, a shocking decree from the Council shakes the very foundation of her convictions, leaving her torn between duty and morality.

While Ambrose grapples with his relentless pursuit of redemption, Amari battles to protect the extraordinary creatures she has sworn to safeguard. Their choices may forever alter the fate of the creatures they cherish, as well as the course of their own lives.

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