Becoming Keeper

All Amari wanted was to pass her exams. Instead, she found her life’s calling.

In the hallowed halls of Oxford University, Amari, a studious yet conflicted third-year student, teeters on the brink of academic accomplishment. Her journey to complete her degree is marred by more than the weight of her final Philosophy paper. Her heart is adrift, entangled in a web of disinterest, her attention fractured across unrelated elective subjects.

To make matters worse, Amari must choose between her academic aspirations and her moral compass when her research supervisor’s ambitious attempts to produce a miraculous healing serum take a treacherous turn, leading to the creation of horribly mutated monsters.

When the nefarious scientist acquires the blood of a mythical creature, Amari must find the courage to thwart her supervisor’s obsessive experiments before another innocent creature is harmed and untold havoc is unleashed upon the world.

As the clock counts down to her submission due date, can Amari foil the scientist’s sinister plans, protect the mythical creature, and find the crucial time to craft her life-defining paper?