A Spark of Reverie is Now Available in Paperback and Hardcover!

Milestone reached! For the first time ever, I held a physical copy of one of my books in my own hands! (And, as it turns out, I received my copies on my birthday, so it was doubly special.)

Creating the paperback edition of A Spark of Reverie was an incredible learning curve and involved the following steps:

  • Completing a course on Affinity Publisher
  • Completing a course on AI Cover Design for Authors
  • Completing a 2-hour YouTube tutorial on interior layout for print books
  • Creating images for each short story using Midjourney
  • Extending my existing e-book cover using Dall-E
  • Learning how to generate cover templates using KDP Print
  • Creating the cover in paperback and hardcover sizes
  • Updating the blurb using ChatGPT
  • Creating the interior laying in paperback and hardcover sizes, including
    • Learning about bleed, margins and gutters
    • Learning about CMYK vs RGB colours
    • Learning how to use and flatten layers
    • Learning about embedded fonts

And then finally, also finding a printer willing and able to do a small 20-book print run.

It took quite a few tries to get everything right – in fact, my first printer gave up in frustration and paid my deposit back, but I persisted and eventually did get that physical book in my hands (using a different, less finicky, printer, I might add). Admittedly, the book was supposed to be a hardcover and they gave me a paperback, but I consider it all school fees and a fantastic learning experience!

And since I’ve now proven to myself that I can do it – and I actually LOVE doing it! – I am now equipped and ready to expand my entire range of books into paperback and hardback formats. If you’ve been holding out for the day you can have one of my books on your shelf, watch this space!

You can buy A Spark of Reverie in both paperback and hardcover from your local Amazon store, or the paperback at your favourite alternative online retailer. Grab your copy today! (And if you do, please make my day and send me a picture of you with your copy!)

And now I’m off to celebrate another lifetime achievement checked off my bucket list!

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