Drawing Inspiration from Travel

One of the things that make my soul sing is exploring the world and I’ve been blogging about travel since 2009. I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited most of Europe, various African countries, and Singapore and Thailand. I’ve even been deep inside the Arctic Circle in search of the northern lights.

Exploring the world is a thrill like no other, and while I’m currently staying close to home until my little one can endure a 12-hour flight, my feet remain itchy and my thoughts often wander to faraway places.

Ah, Venice – one of my favourite places!

Luckily I can draw inspiration from all the places I’ve been and the sights I’ve seen and I use them to infuse my writing. My Mythical Menagerie series was conceived in part specifically as a way to revisit all the cities I love. The first novelette in the series, Beginner’s Luck, is set in London. The prequel, Keeper of Exotic Animals, plays out somewhere in the Alps. I’m currently working on the second installment, which is based in Paris. I have so many ideas for this series that I can hardly keep my excitement contained!

While I’ve, regrettably, not yet had the chance to set foot in the US, my short story Spirit Caller was inspired by my desperate need to see the wild places of America. I want to hear a wolf howl and see redwoods and stand in the shadows of El Capitan and watch a bald eagle soar high overhead.

As both a writer and an avid reader, I’m lucky enough to be able to escape to all these wonderful places, both real and imaginary, on a regular basis. Reading about exotic places is what I do to keep the wanderlust at bay. I’d love to take my readers on just such a journey too.

Do you enjoy travelling? Are you inspired by far-off places? Where is your favourite story set? Do you like reading (or writing) about places you’ve visited or long to see for yourself?

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