Beginner’s Luck Now Widely Available – For Free!

The Mythical Menagerie series was envisioned right from the start as a short story series that I would release in a serialised fashion. Many short installments would make one large coherent whole in the end that you could binge read the way you would binge watch your favourite TV show on Netflix.

As it turns out, that plan was a little flawed.

Firstly, when I started writing the series I was taking a sabbatical from my full-time job and had lots of time to write in. Now that I’m back at work, and have been for almost 1.5 years already, my speed of writing has slowed down tremendously. Leaving such long gaps between publication dates meant that readers forgot what happened in previous installments and little clues that I dropped along the way went right over most people’s heads.

Secondly, although I’ve had tremendously positive feedback in general, almost everyone complained that the stories were just too short. They wanted more. That’s a very nice problem for me to have, but it’s a problem nonetheless. I want my readers to be happy.

And lastly, I think it might just be a little unfair to charge readers $0.99 for every short installment I release. I have six installments planned for Series 1, so after a while that adds up and turns out to be a pretty steep price for what will eventually amount to a standard-length novel.

So… my plans have changed. I have unpublished Banshee’s Wail (Part 2) and Asrai’s Curse (Part 3) to prevent anyone from buying these installments individually. I will not release any other installments until the series is complete, and then I will only make it available as a full novel (my deadline date for this is the latter half of 2019).

Get Your Free Copy of Beginner’s Luck

As part of this change, Beginner’s Luck (Part 1) is now no longer in Kindle Unlimited and I’ve made it available for free across a variety of popular platforms (Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc). If you don’t have a copy of it yet, grab it at your favourite online store now!

Amazon Price Match

To date, Amazon is yet to price match the other platforms and make the novelette available for free in its various stores. I’ve been told that the best way to expedite this process is for as many people as possible to let them know that it is free elsewhere.

If you want to help out with this, please do the following:

  1. Click on the image below and navigate to your preferred Amazon store.
  2. On the book page, scroll down to the Product Details section and underneath the Amazon Best Seller Rank you’ll see a link called “Would you like to tell us about a lower price?”
  3. If you click on that, a pop-up asks where you saw the lower price. Click on Website.
  4. The pop-up expands to ask for a URLPrice and Shipping Cost. Please enter this link “https://www.kobo.com/za/en/ebook/beginner-s-luck-17“, 0 and 0 again.
  5. Submit the feedback.

Claim Your Discount

If you’ve bought Banshee’s Wail (Part 2) and/or Asrai’s Curse (Part 3) already – thank you!!

It would be ridiculously unfair to make you pay full price when the complete novel comes out, so please, please, please send me proof of purchase and I will arrange a discount or promo code that you can use at your Amazon store of preference, when the time comes.

Do you think changing from serialised installments to a complete novel is good idea? If not, please let me know why in the comments below.

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