500 Subscribers!

At the start of this year I wrote down a list of writerly resolutions and one of them was to grow my mailing list to 500 subscribers. This happened much sooner than expected and I can now announce with great fanfare and much excitement that my subscriber list has already grown to over 500 readers!

This is mostly due to the awesomeness that is Instafreebie, and although writer friends have warned me that readers gained from this site could be a little fickle, so far they have been amazingly supportive, helping me reach an Amazon Best Seller’s list with one of my stories and even mailing me to tell me more about their lives or to ask for writing advice.

Being able to correspond with readers who enjoy my stories and to connect with them on a more personal level has been surprisingly rewarding. It’s incredible to see how many people, from all across the world, and from widely varying situations, love to read and have a shared appreciation for the types of stories that I write.

I think this is a facet of writing that traditionally published authors, who don’t necessarily bother with mailing lists, really miss out on. Even someone as introverted as I am can find the joy in connecting with others with similar interests.

If you’re not part of my subscriber’s list yet, please consider signing up. I don’t spam my subscribers with a flood of mails about “news” that no-one is really interested in, and you’ll be the first to know about new releases and specials. Also, you get a free story thrown in for good measure! And if push comes to show, you can always unsubscribe. Why not give it a shot?

Next target: 1000 subscribers!

I’d love to get connected and hear your thoughts. What do you like about being subscribed to mailing lists? What do you hate?

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